Leather Weekend 2007 Classes, Panels and Demos

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Classes and Panels


Red Room (with swing)

Grey Room (middle)

Blue Room (left of stairs)


Transgender Issues in The Leather Community
Lance Moore, boy tyler, Ali, boyjean

Consent Counts Workshop
Seth Munter

Abrasion Play


Alternative M/s
Dave and Kim

Sadism with Rope
Mike West

Latex Fetishwear, Care and Flair!
Ms. Margaret and slave Erich


NCSF Protecting Yourself Legally
Robin Spector

Violet Wand Play
Loren Q

Vaginal Fisting



Vendor Room


Rope Demo by Waldemar

Class/Panel Descriptions and Presenter Bios

Transgender Issues in The Leather Community Panel Discussion - Lance Moore, boy tyler, Ali, boyjean

The Leather/BDSM culture is richly diverse, and attempts to promote openness, acceptance and respect for personal choice. Are we really celebrating our differences? We share a commonality in our desire to get our needs met through leather sex. What are the challenges we face as transgender people in the leather community? What are the preconceptions and fears and unique opportunities we face? How do we erase fear and contribute to pleasure and understanding?

Lance Moore: Lance represented the Santa Clara County Leather Association as a titleholder in 2000. Since then he has remained active in the club, helping it evolve into a membership organization, organizing events and writing a lot of email. Outside of the leather community, Lance volunteers at the Billy deFrank LGBT Center by facilitating a monthly group for transgendered men.

boyjean: boyjean has been involved in the Leather life for over 12 years and has the privilege and honor of serving his Sir/Daddy. he regards service, both personal and community service, as a passion that comes from the heart. he is past Vice President of the San Francisco boys of Leather and currently has the honor of serving the Leather Community and his fellow bootblacks as International Community Bootblack 2007.

Ali: Ali grew up in various states along the Eastern coast of the United States. She grew tremendously in her views on freedom in sexual and gender identification at age 18 when she came out as a bisexual in rural Georgia. Nothing less than a hardship. After moving to Boston and Los Angeles she began to dabble in the S/m and Fetish scenes and was elated in their sexual diversity but soon began to feel a lack of communal gathering. Once arriving in San Francisco Ali was granted a wonderful place with her partner Alex and dove head first into the national Mecca for various alternative sexual lifestyles. She is currently the owner of Edges, a lifestyle BDSM dungeon and production facility in the South Bay of San Francisco.

boy tyler: Tyler Fong, aka boy tyler, started his leather journey about 11 years ago researching printed materials and utilizing the internet for information regarding BDSM.
His physical transition (female-to-male) started in 1995. He enjoys serving as bottom to the men of the 15 Association and at Citadel play parties. He currently holds the office of Pledge Director with the SF boys of Leather and is an Associate Member of the 15 Association. Other hobbies include the gym and playing French horn in community groups. Work is in the health care industry. Education as a trans activist include the leather community as well as mainstream society.
In 2003 he represented Transgender SF as Mr. TGSF 2003 to raise awareness of FTM's and the benefits of the leather lifestyle.

Consent Counts Workshop - Seth Munter

[WWW] Consent Counts is asking members of the Leather, BDSM, Fetish and Kink communities to work together to legalize our love. You will learn about the difference between play and abuse, consent and coercion, laws and perception, and where each of us draws the line. Through lively discussion and structured brainstorming, we will draw out opinions and ideas. Please help us take this first step toward freedom to practice consensual BDSM in the U.S. in the next 10 to 15 years. (Consent Counts requests your ideas and suggestions by December 15, 2007.
For more details, check out [WWW] http://consentcounts.org/mission.html)

Seth Munter: Seth Munter is a BDSM practitioner, educator and avid volunteer. He has led numerous D/s and skill related workshops at LDG, the Ring, SF Citadel, and SCCLA, building on his past career as a professional corporate and technical trainer. Seth is committed to providing information and education on BDSM for the enjoyment and safety of fellow enthusiasts.

Sadism with Rope - Mike West

This session explores the how and why of making ties that challenge the subject. We will blur the line between Bondage and Sadomasochism, and explore various ways to make bondage itself erotically painful.

This class is great for beginners as Mike will show the entire class two basic knots that can be combined into a handful of deliciously painful ties. More experienced participants will enjoy the discussion segment, where everone is encouraged to share and support our sadomasochistic tendancies and how they relate to our ropework.

We welcome singles and couples. Everyone can participate in the hands-on segments, or simply watch. We'll provide all the rope you need, or bring your own 6-8mm (1/4") natural fiber rope in 25-30' lengths.

Mike West: Mike West says, "I've been tying up girls and making them cry since I was 5 years old. Sometime in my late 20s, I decided to get organized about it. I've been giving private rope bondage lessons since 2002, and teaching larger groups for just over a year. For the last year, most of my creative energies have been directed towards my "Rope::Burn" shows, my attempt to create a Japanese-style nightclub bondage performance experience here in the USA. (You can read more at [WWW] http://tiedoutwest.wordpress.com)."

Mike West hates writing about himself in the third person, so he continues, "When I discovered Japanese rope bondage, it spoke to me much louder than other forms, and when I finally got my hands on some good hemp rope, I was hooked. I condition my own rope, and build and install bondage frames and furniture." "I like my bondage like I like my women -- tough, fast, and a little bit crazy." Mike lives in San Francisco with his two cats.

Latex Fetishwear, Care and Flair! - Ms. Margaret and slave Erich

Is it the shine? Is it the distinctive aroma of rubber? Or is it the slicker-than-sweat feeling and gentle hug pressing against your skin?

If it turns you on, you’ll know it! No one has to tell you why you love latex, you just do! And if you love your latex, you’ll want to make it last. Latex is fragile and it has a relatively short shelf-life, but you can extend the lifetime of your precious fetishwear. There are a few basic guidelines to remember, as well as some not necessarily common-sense tips.

Join us for an entry-level presentation about latex fetishwear and care. Bring your questions, bring your answers (if you have experience to share) and by all means bring your favorite latex fetishwear for a little “show and tell.”

Ms. Margaret: Ms. Margaret (aka KitNboots) began her kinky explorations in the mid-1990s and has been involved with the SouthBay BDSM community since 2001. She enjoys participating in performance art such as fantasy skits for shows produced by SCCLA, ACLC and IRLM. In 2001 she performed with the Two Knotty Boys at the SLICK fetish ball in San Francisco. She is grateful to local show producers, EvilMommy Tina, Ms Miranda and Madame Steele for their mentoring, inspiration and encouragement.

She and her slave Erich presented at Great Lakes Leather Alliance on the topic of event planning; the class title was "Whack-A-Mole: Event Planning Without Tantrums and Tears." They have also presented a mini-class for newbies, "JumpStart for Scene Negotiations," under the aliases of "Mistress Breezy" and "nerdboy."

Her passions include rubber/latex and fetishwear of all kinds, gas masks, bondage, foot worship and of course, her beloved slave Erich.

slave Erich: slave Erich proudly wears the collar of Ms Margaret whom he met over four years ago while volunteering at a local community event. He entered the Leather community in 1995 at a truck stop in Dallas, TX, before relocating to San Jose and the South San Francisco Bay area in the summer of 1997. He enjoys sharing his passion for latex fetishwear and bondage gear with others, and enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to wear latex longer -- such as at the annual SF Folsom Street Fair!

Outside of the community, he works as a technical project manager in Silicon Valley, loves soccer as both a player and a fan, studies karate, trains for and competes in triathlons. His soft-spoken nature displayed while in larger groups belies a robust sense of humor and love of life, most often seen by those with whom he is closest.

Violet Wand Play - Loren Q

Spark... Sizzle... Buzz... A session on violet wand techniques.

From sensual to sadistic, violet wands can produce a vast array of sensations. Learn first hand what v-wand feels like, how to manipulate the sensation and how to turn everyday items into violet wand toys. There may even be a bit of Mr. Science involved. Loren will also cover safety issues, discuss myths and share tips gathered during her exploits with violet wand play.

Loren Q: Loren walked into a Levi/Leather bar over mumble-mumble years ago and walked out inexorably changed. She's been playing, privately and publicly, for most of the years since.

As a member of the Santa Clara County Leather Association (SCCLA), she has demonstrated a number of her more esoteric skills at SJ Pride, SCCLA Leather Weekend, and Leather Nights at Renegades. She also teaches fire play and is known for igniting her audience.

NCSF: Protecting Yourself Legally - Robin Spector

Members of the SM/leather/fetish communities have always had some level of concern regarding the issues of privacy, discretion, and personal security. The Radical Right, employers, ex-partners, and others may pose threats to these concepts. Many times their motivation comes from ignorance, but new motivations like custody of children, and revenge are also becoming commonplace. This presentation provides tips for protecting yourself legally for various circumstances.

Robin Spector: Robin, originally from NY, currently lives in San Jose, CA. She has been an Attorney in the state of California since 1987. Her area of expertise is primarily Criminal law, having worked as a Deputy District Attorney for seven years, then as a defense attorney. She has been active in the SM/Leather/Fetish community for several years and is a Board member of and a proud presenter for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Abrasion Play - Domina

Ever give someone an "Indian Burn?" Use your fingernails on a freshly flogged back? Have you alternated scratchy sensations with soft ones? All of these are examples of abrasion play. And as the infomercials say, But Wait!! There's more!!

Domina will show you how to make a few self torture devices that your slave can wear to work, all the time thinking of you. Plus, we'll discuss how to use things like kitchen scrubbers, sandpaper, and brushes in your scene in ways that will be memorable.

And to top it off, we'll combine this with other "sensational" material, like Wasabi.

Domina: Domina lives in the woods by Forestville with her husband and three spoiled and dominant cats. She divides her time between volunteering at Food for Thought (the local Aids Food Bank), making toys, and coming to the city to torture pretty girls. Together with her husband, she runs the Frugal Domme.

Vaginal Fisting - cru

There is only one way to find out -- come to this demo class to watch, learn and experience the art of vaginal fisting. Discussion will be had, stories shared and some myths exposed all the while trying to 'make it fit'.

cru: cru is a boy living in san jose who uses his fists for loving not fighting. he still gets carded even though he has been in the Lifestyle over 15 years. Some say he is very flexible; others simply applaud.

Alternative M/s - Dave and Kim

The M-type in the relationship is supposed to be always in control, right? On top of everything, completely in charge, the unflappable Bastion of Dominance, they are presumed to be the figure of all authority. We are here to tell you that this, while a it's lovely fantasy, and it's in the curriculum for the secret eastern European House O'Dominance correspondence course; it does not always work out like this and if it does not for you, then you are not necessarily doing it wrong. Master/slave relationships need to start with a respect for one another as peers, but what happens after that when the slave does not automatically acquiesce to the every whim of the Master? What if, Leather Gods forbid, your slave does not...submit? Have you got yourself a bratty bottom? A SAM? A slave who has no clue how to be a slave? We don't think that any of those necessarily apply. We believe that a Master and slave can continue to operate as peers and equals throughout their relationship without forgetting who is who, and if the slave tells the Master to shut up and do things their way once in awhile, and to get his own drink from the kitchen, it's not always a bad thing. We will talk about how this manifested for us, discuss tools to get over the hurdles, and most importantly, why this is a rewarding relationship model.

Dave" Dave "piercing_wit" L has been a dynamic member of the bay area community for seven years. He served smOdyssey, Inc. as one of the original board members, and also served as smOdyssey's vice president. He was the FolsomFringe Event Coordinator for 2003, 2004 and co-coordinator for 2006. He was also dungeon coordinator for IMsL '07.

He strongly believes in kinky education, and has organized sampler-type events and taught needle play and "dungeon 101"/beginners' dungeon for smOdyssey. He is grateful to Sharrin Spector of "Pierce Ink," for having instructed and mentored him in his piercing skills.

Kim: Kim came into community in 1984 in the back of a San Francisco leather bar. Content to spend her first two decades primarily learning and absorbing, in 2005 she joined the staff of FolsomFringe simply to do medical, and by the end of the year was on the board of smOdyssey. 2007 found her in service to the International Ms. Leather weekend and Event Coordinator of FolsomFringe. Kim has been the property of DaveL since January of 2006, even though sometimes it appears that it's the other way around.

Rope Demo by Waldemar:
I am an adventurer in the game of life, always looking for new experiences and knowledge, ranging from figuring out how the universe works to visiting as much of the part that's accessible to me as is possible. I love to challenge things and cause mischief. I learned ballroom and square dancing as a PhD student at MIT and have enjoyed these ever since, heading the local ballroom dance club and even competing in ballroom dancing for a while. I also enjoy traveling to exotic locations around the world, nature and artistic photography, fire dancing, weightlessness (zero gravity), as well as tying up misbehaving friends into pretty little packages and tormenting them while they're immobilized and dangling helplessly above the ground; I occasionally teach bay area group classes on various aspects of beautiful bondage.

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