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The Santa Clara County Leather Association is a social and educational leather club. To nurture the club and support community, we perform outreach to new leather folk and sponsor some fund-raising events for charity. The SCCLA is a pansexual group, rooted in the gay and lesbian leather community. We are open to all orientations and genders.

As a member of SCCLA you have the right to:

How do I join?

The membership application:
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SCCLA dues are allocated to fund SCCLA operating expenses and are not pro-rated. No person will be denied membership due to an inability to pay annual dues. Members and potential members can apply for a Fiscal Hardship Waiver by requesting it on their membership application or renewal. For additional information contact: [MAILTO]

SCCLA is a participatory organization and therefore to ensure the health, success and well being of the club members are expected to meet a minimal annual participation commitment.

From time to time SCCLA sponsors events with legally-required attendance age restrictions and expects that all members will adhere to those when applicable by refraining from attending events in which they do not meet the age restrictions even though they are a member.

Code Of Conduct

Membership Oath
By my signature below I agree to abide by the common standards of the Santa Clara County Leather Association, including the Code of Conduct. I promise never to bring dishonor to the SCCLA, and to hold as first priority in all SCCLA activities the well being of my fellow members, my community and my club. I understand that SCCLA is a participatory organization and therefore to ensure the health, success and well being of the club I commit to meet, at a minimum, the annual service requirements of club membership. I understand the SCCLA is an adult leather/BDSM social organization and certify that I am legally 18 years of age or older. I also understand that SCCLA from time to time sponsors events with legally-required attendance age restrictions, and acknowledge that if I am underage for an event, I am not eligible to attend, even though I am a member.

Member Endorsements
SCCLA is a distinct community of like-minded leather people who operate within a bond of friendship and familiarity. It is therefore important that we know those that seek to become members of the club and that they know us. To facilitate this knowledge, the SCCLA Membership Application process requires that all new member applications include two endorsement signatures from current SCCLA members in good standing

The decision to sign a endorsement for a member applicant is an individual one, but the club suggests that the *only* criteria current members apply in deciding whether or not to sign a referral are: a) do I know the applicant to the extent that I will recognize them and greet them at events b) do I believe the applicant has a basic familiarity with the SCCLA.

Download our Membership Application Form. (requires [WWW] Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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