Bay Area

[WWW] Alameda County Leather Corps Our friends across the bay.
[WWW] Defenders/SF A Leather/Levi club that is also part of Dignity, the national gay Catholic organization.
[WWW] SM Odyssey South Bay BDSM group that sponsors classes and events.
[WWW] Society of Janus A San Francisco based educational group.
[WWW] The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance
[WWW] Northwest Leather Celebration Regional Master/slave Conference and Contest in San Jose, CA
[WWW] Up Your Alley Fair Leather Fair in San Francisco, CA
[WWW] Folsom Street Fair High Holy Day of Leather Fair in San Francisco, CA
[WWW] Ms. SF Leather
[WWW] Mr SF Leather San Francisco, CA
[WWW] The Exiles 501(c)3 non-profit educational group for women who have a positive personal interest in BDSM
[WWW] The 15 Association A social and sexual fraternity for men who engage in BDSM


[WWW] National Leather Association International Has a fairly comprehensive listing of SM and leather related books.
[WWW] Directory of BDSM web sites Large number of entries for books, groups, information, and other resources.
[WWW] The soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm FAQList Frequently-asked questions about BDSM.
[WWW] [BDSM Education]Web site devoted to BDSM Education. Lots of good pointers and links.
[WWW] International Mr Leather Chicago, IL
[WWW] International Ms Leather San Jose, CA
[WWW] Leatherait An Online publication dedicated to Leather People, Events and News
[WWW] South Plains Leatherfest International Master/slave Conference and Contest

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